Zhongshan Zoo Opens again

The zoo in Zhongshan Park will open again this month, after having been nearly doubled in size. Elephants, zebras and hippos have been added to the animal collection.

Built in 1954, it was the only zoo in east of Guangdong. There used to be over 40 kinds of animals in it in the 1970s. But it was so small that fewer and fewer visitors came. The zoo could not afford to raise animals and to buy new ones.

Renovation of the zoo started on July 20, 2007. Cooperating with an animal training team from Henan province, the zoo put 6 million yuan into this project. The size of it was extended from 6500 square meters to 11000 square meters. New cages and stages were also built. A number of new animals such as elephants, zebras and hippos will be on display. [According to an article from Shantou Special Zone Evening here.]

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  1. wow, two things I don’t know

    1) That zoo was built that early!
    2) The government did invest that much into reconstruction?

    I went a couple of time when I was little. I can recollect it’s a tiny zoo only.

  2. Alan Kan

    I visited a ‘tiny zoo’ in Chenghai (in the Chenghai park) about a year ago, think there was a lion in there which I did not expected. Assume this Shantou city zoo will be more interesting, I hope.

  3. yes, I dreamed that there was one. Now it comes!

  4. Katrina.Lin

    Oh!! it opened again! how i wish could be there!
    i really want to see how it is now!
    i havent been there for 10 years at least..
    i will surely visit it after i go back!

    it is a place of memory of my age.

  5. It’s been a long time that i have not visited ZS zoo. I wish i could be there when i am free.

  6. I just got back from a trip to Shantou to meet my girlfriends family. We made a stop at the zoo and because it had been raining all day the park was fairly empty. The zoo was small but interesting. We saw a bear ride a motorcycle and do tricks with chairs, a goat that did a tightrope walk, a tiger jumping through hoops, and also got to hear the lion start roaring (apparently when this happens you can hear it blocks away; I believe it too…so loud). Unfortunately, some of the pens are not so good for the animals. Wasn’t much for the elephant to do.

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