Xia-Shen Railway Builds

An opening ceremony for the Xia-Shen Railway (section in Guangdong) was held in the town of Shaxi in Chao’an on January 6, 2008. The Xia-Shen Railway is a new railway connecting Shantou and two other Special Economic Zones, Xiamen and Shenzhen. It will take only two hours to go to Xiamen or Shenzhen from Shantou by train after it is built.

Five stations will be built in Chaoshan, including Raoping, Longdu (Chenghai), Shaxi (Chaozhou), Gurao (Chaoyang) and Puning. The section in Fujian has been under construction since last November. The whole project is predicted to be finished in 2011. [According to an article from Shantou Daily here]

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  1. Firstly, I’d like to introduce myself first. I’m jubby from Bangkok :Thailand and I plan to visit my grandma & grandpa at Shantou (never been their before since my family move to Thai for more than 25 years ago).

    If you don’t mind to advise me, how to reach Shantou? by bus / train if i’m at Shenzhen.

    Please kindly advise by return…. 🙂

  2. Hi Jubby,

    I think if you are from Shenzhen, by coach will be the most convenient and economic way. You can go to any coach station in Shenzhen and ask for more detail information.

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