May 2009

Matsu, Goddess of the Sea, and her Island Shrine

The woman sang and raised her arms while walking around in a circle outside the temple. In front of her was a small altar with plates of fruits and meat on it. No one could understand her words.

Unique Chaoshan Centipede Dance Creeping Along Despite Woes

A man leads the centipede with a golden ball, like a conductor directing an orchestra. Wherever the ball moves, a twenty-two meter long centipede starts to dance.

“Province Towns” Separate Migrants from Shantou People

Ten o’clock is the busiest time for the old market in Tuopu every day, when you should speak loudly in order to make yourself be heard in two meters.

“Cold Violence” Comes out of the Home, into Public Discussion

by Shirley Xue photo from When it comes to domestic abuse, a common image is someone beaten with blood running on the body comes to mind. However,…

Different Water Price on Each Side of the Street

By He Shan Shan (Sammy) In the Tuopu general market, people living a few meters apart on the same side of the street can be charged different prices…

Steam Car Washing Brings Hope

By Bao Chengrong (Kate) photo from Five years ago, Zheng Kehong, a creative businessman suddenly came up with a fresh idea: a way to dry-clean cars that…

Paper factory waste harms the community