December 2008

Richest Man in Mainland China under Investigation

According to MingPao, Huang Guangyu, the founder of Gome Appliances, who tops the latest mainland China rich list, was taken on 20th by the Beijing police on investigation. Sources reveal that Huang Guangyu is involved in a series of economic crime: illegally utilizing a shell company to operate capital, impropriating capital and commiting bribery.

Slideshow:The kids growing with diving

A photo feature of kids in diving school.

The Woman Pedicab Drivers

3 stories of the woman pedicab drivers doing heavy physical work.

Hucksters, peddlers and vendors around the streets and small lanes

Jobs which were popular in the past in Chaoshan area.

craftsmen and craftswomen in Shantou

People making Shahe fen(wheat noodle),video and toys